NBC green lights controversial ‘mail order bride’ comedy.

NBC has been on a bit of a hot streak recently with Superstore and The Good Place meaning that NBC might be returning to it’s previous comedy glory.

NBC gained popularity in the 90s with sitcoms such as Friends but has had difficulty in recent years in maintaining a decent comedy line-up.

Jackie Clarke, Superstore writer and producer who is the real life inspiration for the sitcom  as her father married a mail order bride when she was a child and has previously been linked to very offensive comments about Asian women but due to the fact Jackie Clarke. Blogspot. Com is no longer online I’m going to not post them however


Jackie Clarke commented in a piece in the Observer

“He’s in the Philippines now,” she said. “He lives there, so he has all of these relationships with prostitutes, but he’s like, ‘I don’t sleep with them, Jackie: You don’t know what you can catch. I don’t want any syphilis or anything.’ He’s there for the women, and you can live like a king over there. He’s middle-aged, Caucasian, attractive, 62 years old. Oh my God, they love him …. I love that guy sooo much, but he is totally nuts.”

And according to her tumblr she is also being sued by her stepmother, the woman this whole comedy is centred around. The Asian American community has often expressed dissatisfaction with the way they are portrayed in the media and this news isn’t exactly going to win the network any favours.

Of course I could be wrong and this could be a new turnover with an actual nuanced portrayal of a woman coming from the Philippines to start a new life. Maybe they could ,you know, actually get an Asian female show runner as well

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