New Gilmore Girls Pictures Revealed

Gilmore Girls is coming back and we couldn’t be more excited. We are going to be see Lorelei and Rory again on November 25th (released midnight in America and 7 am in the UK) on Netflix

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 16.43.46.png
With a killer instagram featuring classic faves from the seasons including Luke’s diner and vicious trollop lipstick Gilmore Girls has been going from strength to strength. We can imagine that Lorelei would have a fantastic instagram filled with pictures of Stars Hollow in the fall while Rory would have pictures with Michelle Obama and all the amazing people she meets while she’s off being a journalist.

Although we don’t know the exact storyline details of the Gilmore Girls Revival we do know that it takes place across the four seasons of the year in 90 minute intervals and in a new unveiled picture from the set we get to see the Gilmore Girls in Winter.


Lorelei’s love of snow being absolutely legendary and the two girls have to go cups that don’t look like they belong to Luke’s Diner and Rory has a copy of the Stars Hollow Gazette  (maybe she’s joined the local paper?)


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