Twelve things you never knew about Hocus Pocus

It’s been almost 23 years since Hocus Pocus, a film about three witches that still delights us to this day. A halloween favourite for all the family so here are twelve Hocus Pocus facts that you may not know


Originally supposed to be a Disney Channel Original Movie

Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestor was actually arrested for witchcraft at Salem

Released during the summer of 1993 apparently producers didn’t want it competing with the Nightmare Before Christmas


Was’t a runaway success at the box office but became a cult favourite over the years

Leonardo Dicapro was originally slated to star

So was Rosie O’Donnell but she didn’t want to play a ‘scary witch’


Ombre Katz who played Max now works as a hairdresser

The film is called “Abracadabra” in s Brazil, Argentina, and even in Quebec, Canada.

Sean Murray (Thacknery Binx) has been playing Timothy McGree is NCIS for thirteen years


Director Kenny Ortega will be directing the new Rocky Horror Picture Show tv movie

They had to tone down some of the make-up because Disney considered it too scary

Bette Midler said in an interview that evil witch Winifred Sanderson was the favourite character she’s ever played

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