Leighton Meester set to star in time travelling comedy “Making History”

Leighton Meester will be returning to TV in this Fox comedy set to air in 2017.

Making History tells the story of Dan (Adam Pally) a nerdy computer science professor who managed to make create a time travel device in his garage. As part of the current trend of time travelling shows popping up this year.

He time travels on the weekends and sometimes on Tuesdays, get’s himself a badass girlfriend (Leighton Meester) from 18th century and manages to mess up the American revolution.

Enlisting the help of a history professor named Chris (Yassir Lester) they go back in time and try to fix his mistakes also discovering that Dan’s girlfriend is in fact Deborah Revere the daughter of Paul Revere (“the British are coming” guy)

The three friends from two different centuries end up time travelling to escape their mundane boring lives. An original idea, great cast and legitimately funny jokes we can’t wait for this to come on our screens in 2017.

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