Amber Heard + Cara Delevingne to star in “London Fields”

London  Fields-

This is the story of a murder. It hasn’t happened yet. But it will. (It had better.) I know the murderer, I know the murderee. I know the time, I know the place. I know the motive (her motive) and I know the means. I know who will be the foil, the fool, the poor foal, also utterly destroyed. I couldn’t stop them, I don’t think, even if I wanted to. The girl will die. It’s what she always wanted.

Two of our favourite young stars will be appearing  in an adaptation of Martin Amis’ “London Fields” a darkly comedic murder mystery set at the turn of the millennium. Billy Bob Thornton plays Samson Young a failed nonfiction writer with perpetual writer’s block get’s drawn into a tangled web in England as he befriends a young woman who is currently planning out her own murder.

Amber Heard is starring as Nicola Six, an anti-heroine, clairvoyant who has a premonition of her impending death and Cara Delevingne will be playing Kath Talent the abused wife of  Jim Strugess character. A cast full of emerging British/American talent this will definitely be a talked about movie.

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