No Tomorrow: Pilot Episode

With Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend bringing the CW it’s most critically acclaimed year yet, it’s expanded into another female driven comedy with the show No Tomorrow.

No Tomorrow tells the story of Evie Callahan, a girl in her late twenties with an average job, an average life and a pretty unrisky existence. Until in a chance encounter she meets Xavier, a hunky aussie hipster who believes that an asteroid is going to hit the earth in eight months.

It’s a very CW show in many ways, the main character is a dorky klutz who looks like millennial barbie and no one seems to be working about money. It’s first episode would make the perfect premise for an indie movie, like I could imagine Zoe Kazan playing the quirky, klutz quality control specialist (tbh I don’t know what her job is) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the manic-pixie dream hipster.

So our hero Evie is enchanted by a guy who is doing everything he wants to do she forgoes her relationship with her very sweet and very quiet boyfriend in favour of exploring the possibility of a relationship with Xavier as he pushes her to the limits of her own comfort.

The story is very small, a girl overcoming her own insecurities and for the past part doesn’t seem to have the edge that it’s Golden Globe nominated/won predecessors do. The cast are all perfectly lovely and it has the quirky edge to it but there’s nothing particularly far.

It starts off sweet enough with Xavier encourage Evie to sing Whitesnake in front of people and get over her childhood stage fright. Only to delve into a creepy situation when he quits her job for her.

The twist mount up pretty quickly in the last ten minutes of the episode as Evie is hospitalised after a po-go incident and it turns out she has a heart defect, realising she was so close to death without even realising it Evie decides to create her own list and do things at her own pace. Giving Evie autonomy over the situation and rightfully being pissed off by the aussie who gives himself the role of her spirit-guide the two delve into an unsteady relationship.

The last two minutes are what give the show it’s edge as Xavier is reunited with his cousin, a convict whom it seems he felt spring from federal prison. Up till now the ‘Apocalypse’ conspiracy theorist side of Xavier has been treated as just a weird bit of his personality and now we’re wondering if he’s kooky or just straight up crazy.


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