American Horror Story: Chapter 4

Chapter four starts right off where Chapter three left off in the “dramatic reenactment”  of Roanoke, Shelby is, quite rightly pissed off with Matt and the deal he made to burn the house to the ground in exchange for his niece.

In the talking heads we suspect they’ve worked through it but we can’t be too sure. Shelby goes to have a shower only to find that Pigman is in there. Is this a reference to the season one Pigman? Or is he a whole new creature by himself?

The couple are saved by Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) who utters the word Croatoan, again a season one reference in order to dispel the Pigman. Cunningham explains to our terrified couple that all the previous owners of the house have gone missing/killed during the cycle of the blood moon in October as this is the only time that the ghosts can kill. Telling them the story of the Taiwanese family that lived their during the 70s and how their American dream was smashed to bits. We learn that Cunningham lived on the lot for six months and has owned it for years, only falling into the hands of the bank when he was unable to pay a tax bill.

Season 7:

American Horror Story: The Banking Crisis

In flash backs we see Kathy Bates plays the Butcher with the fully intensity of a woman on the brink. Do we know what really motivates her to make a deal with the devil/ Lady Gaga wearing antlers? No. Do we care? At this moment no. I wish they’d written the colony to be a little less stilted in their speech, I don’t know much about the linguistic history of colonial expats in the 18th century but all the “Thou” and “Art” feels like their just playing dress up.

Then again maybe that’s a point, we’re supposed to be watching a dramatic reenactment of what happened so the awkwardness of it could be intentional.

This episode is very expositional as we learn about the Wood Witch,as she drags the psychic Cricket back in tim to explain her story. She’s the woman with all the real power that is giving life to the Roanoke Colony. A woman from England who stowed a way on a Roman ship years before any expeditions to the New World, mixing her old magic with the new place she became something more.But apparently she still wants to bone Matt so Cricket decides to offer him up.

Is the ghosts can only kill during the blood moon thing a rule for all ghosts because this may also give us a time frame for how long some of the other seasons lasted due to their murdery ghost characters as well.

The human sacrifices were also this Wood Witches idea, the Butcher killed Priscilla and proceeded to kill her entire colony when they tried to revolt against her.

Meanwhile the couple enter the woods with their new friend Cunningham in search of their niece Flora. They find her on the edge of the land playing with the other victims of the colony, they are attacked, Cunningham killed and Flora ferried off with the ghosts.

Cricket believes he’s figured out how to solve the problems and leaves with a very handsome uber driver. They can’t be more than a minute in the car when Cricket sees Flora running across the road and he gets out the car to follow her.

As soon as said handsome uber driver appears within the ‘real life’ talking heads we know something has gone significantly wrong with Cricket.

The colony arrive at the house with Flora and Cricket at night fall, they are ready to kill Flora when Priscilla the true MVP of this season clocks her round the head and gives her enough time to run into the house. And then they disenbowel Cricket in the most gruesome way possible we’re left with the realisation that they’re not playing around this time.



There’s supposed to be a big twist coming this episode with some theorising that both the dramatic reenactment crew and the real life people are going to be meeting, what this means yet we do not know…



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