The best Halloween TV specials to bingewatch this October

As it’s officially Hallowen month we’re excited to spend all our time doing as much spooky shit as possible but if you’re less trick than treat we’ve got the Halloween TV specials to get put you in the Halloween mood and not to keep you up at night…

Boy Meets World

And then there was Shawn…


Inspired by some of the 90s best horror movies and a special guest appearance by Jennifer Love Hewitt as the gang are hunted down by some mysterious killer as they are locked in the school after detention. A self aware parody of high school slasher films still manages a twist ending!

Pretty Little Liars 

The First Secret 


Pretty Little Liars has a long line of Halloween episodes but the original is definitely the best. The First Secret  shows the Liars before their makeovers as dorks, freaks and geeks attend Noel Khan’s Halloween party and creepy things are going on with Alison.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



A show that has a million halloween episodes and references Halloween a bunch of times, however the season two episode is considered one of the best. As the scooby gang put on costumes they are changed into the characters from their costumes, a fun episode that introduces us to Giles arch nemesis and gives us solider Xander.

The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror V: The Shining 


The Simpsons legendary take on Halloween has been an October staple since the 90s and although they continue to reimagine and improve upon them year after year nothing quite matches up to Homer Simpson and co. going to the mansion from the shining.

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