Legends of tomorrow: Legion of Doom

In the trailers for season two we’ve seen the Legends of Tomorrow trying to carve out their own identity in a world filled with heroes. The central focus for the supergirl crossover and the Justice Society expansion, Legends of Tomorrow is filled with a million stories.

After spending last season trying to find Vandal Savage they are now trying to fight against the ‘legion of doom’ a new threat to our CW DC universe with some old faces.

Marc Guggenheim current executive producer of the show said;

“Wentworth and John will be members of the Legion of Doom”

Barrowman will be in the new season as his fan-favourite character Malcom Merlyn and Wentworth Miller with be splitting his time between The Flash and Legends after his untimely death in season one.

Patrick J. Adams will be joining the cast as Rex Tyler/ Hourman, Nick Zano as Citizen Steel/ Nate Heywood and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/ Vixen reinvigorating the show.

When talking about the new season changes Guggenheim said

I think what the show does well is going to different time periods and having fun, and getting into bar fights, and seducing nurses. All the things that quite frankly feel irresponsible, even among irresponsible characters, when the fate of the world is at stake.

So what we tried to do this year was come up with a paradigm that still had stakes, but not stakes that were so dire and dark that you would question,”Why is the team going off on this fun detour?”

We’re certainly looking forward to the new season you can check out a sneak peak right here:

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