Lisa Vanderpump talks returning to Housewives for a new season…

Vanderpump has definitely been the breakout star of the Housewives series, with a luxury lifestyle brand and a spinoff show. But last year was a rough one for Lisa Vanderpump on the set of Beverly Hills and many wondered whether or not she’d be returning next week. But in an interview with Adweek (media magazine) Vanderpump dished on her feelings about it…


Yeah, it was something we talked about. I was so beaten up last year. The audience has always stayed with me, so that indomitable support has really seen me through. But from the other women, that kind of haranguing and—I don’t like to use the word bullying because everybody uses that word and it’s so cliché—but just feeling totally persecuted by them, screaming at me, I just felt I couldn’t do it anymore, and I said that to Bravo.

The new series will feature new housewives after Yolanda’s unexpected departure after the end of last season including glamorous Dorit Kemsley, fashion designer and another British woman and potential ally to the fold as the new season starts next month.


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