10 things you never knew about the Lucifer TV show

Lucifer entered it’s second season this fall and we are loving the twisted take on our favourite evil comic book character. Want to get an extra Lucifer fix check out these ten things you may not know about your new favourite series….


Based on the Neil Gaiman series “Sandman” where Lucifer initially appeared as a secondary character

Gaiman requested the character of Lucifer be drawn similar to David Bowie


D.B Woodside is a Yale graduate

Lucifer was named one of the greatest comic villain of all times

Kevin Alejandro started the scholarship fund Jerry P. Worsham with friend Stephen Monroe Taylor


At one point in the DC comic book world Superman took over Lucifer’s position in Hell

Lucifer rebelled 3 seconds after creation and has been ruling hell for ten billion years


Mazikeen is a Lilim a race descended from Lilth


Tom Ellis and Lauren German were born 11 days apart

Nicholas Gonzalez was originally cast as Detective Dan before being replaced by Kevin Alejandro

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