9 things you didn’t know about Wizard’s of Waverly Place

We can’t believe one of our favourite disney shows premiered nine years ago today. Back when Selena Gomez was just fourteen years old and no one had ever heard of Justin Bieber (those were the days) here’s a look back on nine things we missed first watching Wizard’s of Waverly Place

Wizard’s of Waverly Place was the longest running show in Disney Channel history and it had the most watching finale.


Prior to the show airing Selena Gomez was initially lined up to take part in a Lizzie Mcguire  spin off about Miranda Sanchez

Joe Jonas originally auditioned for the role of Justin Russo that later went to David Henrie. The two were supposed to be twins in the original series as well.


 David went on to actually wrote two of the episodes Alex’s Logo and Meet the Werewolves.

The show was originally supposed to take place in Ireland and was called the The Amazing Hannigan’s and Selena Gomez’ character was supposed to be called Julie Hannigan

After the show ended each of the Russo siblings got to keep their wands, Greg Sulking got to keep his werewolf teeth


Demi Lovato’s, Dallas sister was supposed to be a regular on  the show but was cut in the pilot. Ten years beforehand Demi and Selena met on the set of Barney and Friends.

Jennifer Stone who played Alex’s best friend Harper is now a budding playwright and is working on a new movie “The Perfect Night”


Todd J. Greenwald the creator of the shop had the Hardware store in the show named after him.


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