Aubrey Plaza comedy coming to TBS

All our dreams are coming true!…Or maybe our nightmares we can’t be too sure…

But what’s certain is that Aubrey Plaza’s new nightmare based comedy has officially been ordered by TBS. TVLine got a look at the plot stating

“Set in Aubrey Plaza’s Nightmare Clinic, celebrity guests check in to overcome recurring nightmares. Thanks to advanced technology, we’re able to peer into their restless minds, and witness their nightmares in real time. But what is ‘real’ anyway? Maybe it’s all just a nightmare in Aubrey’s mind. One endless nightmare that could eventually destroy her and the entire world.”

The home to other funny female led comedies like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and fellow Parks and Rec alumni Rashida Jones’ Angie Tribeca.

Plaza came to prominence as the moody April Ludgate on hit TV show Parks and Recreation and has recently turned her attention to movies including two with Zac Efron. The new show penned by Plaza marks her return to TV with a part in two new shows including Legion and Ingrid goes West.

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