Four of the craziest Westworld theories

Westworld has easily become our new obsession while we wait for Game of Thrones to come back. The many layers and juxtaposition between the sleek modern word and the rough western theme park allows for a multitude of stories to go on at the same time which is why fans have already started forming theories here’s a couple of the best…

William and the Man in Black are the same person 


As William tentatively arrives in the Park for the first time donning a white hat and falling for Dolores, he seems like the antithesis to the raping and murdering Man in Black but fans have noticed that there are several differences between the park when The Man is and when William meaning possibly we are viewing two different timelines at once. And after The Man in Black references the fact he’s been coming here for thirty years and since some incident we know the Man’s life has been marked by Westworld.

However this theory has been quashed as Dolores runs into William after she shoots someone while having flashbacks to the Man in Black. But we don’t know how time works with a robot who isn’t truly memorising something, can Dolores see into the future?

The staff are robots 


Whether just some or all of them, the idea that they’d just have these fully functional for the guests just seems shortsighted use of manpower from the mysterious board of directors. Instead  using them to work 24/7 on robot maintenance in order to maximise  profits, besides you haven’t seen them eat yet…

With Bernard’s tragic backstory off in some distant location just as Teddy’s is being written the motivation for a person staying in the sterile Westworld environment might need to be written as well.

Arnold is alive


And he’s somewhere in the park. People are theorising it’s maybe the Man in Black, Bernard or even a version of Ford. But the idea that the code is malfunctioning right now might mean that Arnold is alive and hacking into his creations to finally give them what he truly wanted… sentient

The idea that there is some unfinished business with who Arnold is, definitely a great finale reveal if he is alive.

The maze is the escape 


As the Man in Black desperately hunts for the maze and the next level of the game he hasn’t stopped to think about what could be at the centre of it. But when creepy child robot tells him that “The maze isn’t meant for you” then maybe it’s meant for the hosts instead.

Dolores is growing more aware of herself by the day, maybe the maze is the only way for the robots to escape the cycles.



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