Supergirl: We’re going through changes…

Name the song: win a cookie.

When it was announced Supergirl was moving from CBS to CW the move felt natural. It’s easily the sister show to  The Flash and will eventually benefit from the crossover universe and the builtin fanbases of the show.

Just not yet.

The Last Children Of Krypton gives us more relationship between Clark and Kara as they bond over their shared powers and need to save the world. While in her ordinary life Kara faces some hurdles in her job as her new boss refuses to acknowledge that she’s been hired as a reporter. And to make matters Cat has declared she’s moving on to the next phase of her life.

The episode plays on the relationships between family as Alex feels neglected as Kara spends her time with Clark meanwhile Clark and Hank go to task about the Kryptonite being stored at the DEO.

Like moving into a new house, everything about it looks the same and feels slightly different. The dissolution of the Jimmy/Kara relationship felt like a hurried move and as did the announcement of Cat leaving.

Clark and Kara helps us to explore the new world that Supergirl inhabits although as Winn joins the team it does feel a little like the CW has a cut and paste idea of what their superhero show should be that includes the team, the overarching villain for the season and some healthy parent pain thrown in.

Personally I liked the ‘monster’ of the week theme that CBS’ Supergirl had going on whereas the Flash and Arrow can be a bit convoluted in their stories.

There’s also the matter of Mon-El who is being played by apparent CW favourite Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries) and the crossover to come at the end of November, Supergirl is going to have to pull of an impressive amount of story juggling without sacrificing character.


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