Who is getting the Vanderpump Rules spinoff?

What do you call a spinoff of a spin off?

Seriously suggestions in the comments please.

Jax Taylor’s love interests and heartbreaking ways has supplied many a storyline on the BeverlyHills Housewives spin off Vanderpump Rules. He seemed almost Westworld like, stuck in his perpetual cycle of dating and breaking that was until he met Brittany.


She’s sweet, she’s from a farm she wears cute rompers to job interviews and she apparently even had a role in Katie Maloney’s wedding.

It looks like she’s changed his ways and now Jax is saying goodbye to Vanderpump rules and heading down to Kentucky to film a new reality series.

After Jax tweeted a picture of the two at Bravo Studios rumours started flying about a possible spin-off series but it seemed confirmed as Jax tweeted several pictures of himself down on the farm.

Now Vanderpump Rules is never going to win an Emmy but part of it’s addicting appeal is the crazy drama a group of friends get into so we’re assuming there is a group of Kentucky waiters somewhere ready to stir shit.

But then again can a show like Vanderpump Rules ever work without a Stassi Schroeder to deliver one liners…


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