Legends of Tomorrow: Legend meets Society

Legends of Tomorrow was born from crossing minor characters from different CW shows into one show. Making the red-headed stepchild of the CW comicbookverse.

In some sections this gave League of Tomorrow more room to play with adventure and team dynamics and wasn’t pinned down by parent pain in the same way that Flash and Arrow are. But it took until half way  through season one for it to finally get it’s own voice.

But two episodes in and season two feels more like it’s own show, even with the tacked on appearance of Oliver Queen in episode one and the departure of Rip Hunter, the Legends team feels more cohesive.

The meeting of the Legends with the Justice Society of America feels gratuitous in moments but allows us too look at how a well-oiled machine works and how we might prefer a band of scruffy misfits. The JSA is quintessentially in it’s look and with it’s sentiments including Rex Tyler  cutting off Sara and just assuming that the old white is in charge.

The plan is to take out a Nazi with advanced technology is what is essentially a bar fight gone awry in a throwback to the first fight in the first season.

The arrival of Nate Heywood to the team becomes more solidified this season as his enthusiastic naivety rolls the fine line between annoying and endearing to the team.

I like Legends of Tomorrow, it’s a fun show to watch compared to a couple of others in the genre and I can see Supergirl fitting well into it. I wish they’d focus more on the team dynamics between the Legends as highlighted with the criminally underused Jeffery Jackson we will have to see with the next episode.

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