Liza Weil talks How to Get Away With Murder.

After this weeks explosive episode Bonnie said goodbye to her pedo dad and reunited with Frank to form the original weird-ass sidekick couple.

“Bonnie’s main mission is going to be to mend fences there, but I also think that Bonnie is no fool,” Liza Weil said to Entertainment Weekly. “She knows that putting herself in that situation in Coalport could prove to be a problem with Annalise, so she may have a trick up her sleeve.”

We know that Bonnie is capable of a lot as we’ve seen her lie, cheat and kill to get to where she wants. We also saw her hook up with Frank and we realised the two are a lot closer than we think and we also know this is going to spill into his relationship with Laurel. And the heartbreaking scene of her alone in the hotel showed us a side we’ve never seen before.

Bonnie being back and ready to face the music is typical of her hard fighting character but when in the flash forward and we discover Laurel is pregnant and as an unidentified male lays in Annalise’s house we’ve got to wonder if hell hath no fury like Bonnie scorned….

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