Vampire Diaries: Final season starts with a song…

A car housing two new strangers come into shot, is Vampire Diaries getting two new characters in the last season? The two characters are on their way back from a superhero comic-con event- the two are arguing about the point of the new superhero craze and we know he’s done for when he says the line…

“I’m just glad the whole vampire craze is dead.”

Vampire Diaries got legitimately good reviews in the first season as Kevin Williamson of Scream fame created an  almost meta-Vampire series that called itself and the whole craze out. And as a humanity switched off Damon is reading 50 shades of Grey (a role Ian Somerhalder campaigned for) it seems like in this episode Vampire Diaries remembers that it’s supposed to be a little bit funny…

Enzo and Damon use the old “pretend to be runover trick” and handover the most evil of the two too the scary demon in the Warehouse covered in bodies. The two are Renfields (Great reference- this whole episode kills it pop culture wise) too the evil in the Warehouse controlling them and making them handpick evil human snacks.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls or wherever they are now, Bonnie is trying to find Enzo, Stefan and Caroline are hot and heavy and Alaric is trying to create a collection of supernatural artefacts discovering a new hidden collection which totally won’t become a plot point in future episodes…

Bonnie and Enzo seem to have taken over the main tragic love story of the season as there looks to be no signs of Elena returning. Bonnie desperately wants to find Enzo who is leaving her clues about what the demon down below will be. Stefan and Caroline look to be relatively functional and Caroline has some baby drama with her dislike of the nanny.

Things turn around to the more intense as crazy hunter lady escapes the mental institute and comes for Caroline, kills the nanny and is almost about to kill the kids when Caroline comes in as the White Knight she is and is about to fuck shit up when crazy lady bites off her own tongue to avoid interrogation.

I mean I’m great at avoiding problems but that’s on a whole other level.


  • The lead-up to Klaus was probably the apex of the show, the Siren as the big bad of this season just feels unnecessary
  • Kevin Williamson wrote this episode and you can feel it- he should have been writing most seasons to be honest
  • The lack of Elena is working in their favour

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