5 Questions we’ve got for Westworld

Westworld is three episodes in and has managed too become our latest obsession as the fantastically rich futuristic drama has us scratching our heads after each episode but now we have a couple of questions that we’re going to need Anthony Hopkins to explain to us…

You can’t get shot but how else can you die?

In the rough Wild West world that the guests are thrown into we’re wondering what else can kill them? I mean no one is wearing helmets as they ride horses and I suppose you could accidentally get caught in the crosshairs of a bar fight.

How many people work at the Park? 

This is a 24 hour job with park upkeep and extracting ‘dead’ hosts, there has to be so many people working within the park to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. As well as that there has to be a least a couple of dozen people watching the park at any one time just to cover the incidents.

How do they get you out of the park?

So you get to the park via a fancy train but I’m assuming that you loose track of time between the bar fights and the brothels. So what happens if you miss the train or just decide you don’t want to leave like the Man in Black?

Can the robots be hacked?

Listen if the 15 year from Ireland can hack the world’s banks then logically a 15 year old in this universe can mess with the robot. I feel like if everyone was aware of the hyper-realistic robots existed then there would be a team of nerdy troublemakers would want to fuck shit up.

How long are you allowed too stay?

Logan makes a reference to it being 40k a day to attend Westworld but that’s chump change to some billionaires so they could easily holiday there for years and depending on how long a person is there how long are each of the individual hosts cycles.



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