Westworld Episode 4: None of this matters…

Score: A+

The fourth episode in the Westworld series answers some of questions but overall has us diving further down the rabbit hole.

Like the park itself, episode four sees several storylines playing out concurrently but never quite overlapping (or so it seems…)

We start with Dolores sitting in with Bernard talking through the loss of her family and as she refuses to have her pain of her families death taken away from her. Ironically Bernard utters Ford’s warning about not reading humanity into the robots to the young programmer and it seems that Bernard is searching for the answers to his own loss within one of the hosts.

In Dolores reality she’s accompanying William and Logan on their bounty hunt, William is slowly falling head over heels in love with her and Logan keeps pointing out it’s just a game. William and Logan seem to be the most 2D of all the guest representing the personal choices one makes within the park. But as they keep referencing the world outside we begin to think there’s more to Logan than evil and there’s more to William than good. After all there’s reference made to Logan’s sister whom William seems to be set on marrying even though it seems likely he’s going to cheat with a robot and Logan understand the park because his family has a stake in it.

Speaking of reality, we get an unsettling insight into exactly whom the Man in Black is, as he finds the next part of his journey to the maze (the snake tattoo on the gunslinger) another guest approaches him and thanks him and his foundation for literally saving his sisters life. The Man in Black might be an amazing person in his real life but spends his holiday in other peoples misery.

What’s more Man in Black seems aware of Arnold and tells us that Arnold died within the park. Flash to Ford creating a new story within the park and Theresa is handed the less than fun task of telling Ford that the money people aren’t happy with him. But Ford seems quietly unperturbed by anything she or anyone else has to say, Arnold went crazy but Ford sees people for what they are. Whether it’s a misdirect or not the idea that Ford has something up his sleeve is growing more with each episode.

Maeve’s story is the most interesting of the episode as she begins to have flashes of memory, of being shot and having the bullet removed she draws a picture of what she’s seen only to discover she’s seen the thing before and drawn the picture before.

Meeting Hector in the cycle as the bandits attempt to steal the safe she uses the cover of anarchy to try and get some answers about what she’s seen even going as far as to dive into her own skin and pull out the bullet she knows is there. Maeve seems to be stuck in her own cycle a lot more than the rest of the hosts and isn’t paid that much attention by the programmers. And it might just be that  as Maeve dies in a hail of bullets se understands the world a little better than the rest of them because ‘none of this fucking matters’


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