Supergirl 2×03 recap/ review

Supergirl returned to form this week with an episode about the superhero amnesty act.
Originally Superman was an allegory for the Jewish immigrants coming to America after the Second World War and the idea of ‘illegal aliens’ needing a place to feel safe is still as prevalent today as it was then.
The Superhero Amnesty Act is being written into law by the President played by the original female superhero actress Lynda Carter. Probably the best casting of Supergirl season two, it allows a little bit of comic book weight to the CW series. As someone tries to kill the President Supergirl is assigned with protecting the President also balancing the new order at work with Jimmy being in charge of Catco and her overbearing boss who decides that now Cat Grant is around that he’s in charge.
Concurrently Mon-El wakes up from his coma and is ready to fight to get back home. Initially thought to be the person attempting to kill the president Alex is on the hunt for him only to be side stepped by a cop. There had been rumours that someone within the Supergirl universe was going to be exploring their sexuality so the chemistry between Alex and new series regular Maggie Sawyer it’s pretty easy to guess who exactly it’s going to be.
Maggie introduces Alex to a dive bar where aliens all hang in a place vaguely reminiscent of the bar in Buffy where the magical creatures hang out.
And while Alex is busy hunting aliens Kara is getting busy with her second assignment as a reporter, interviewing Lena Luthor played by Katie McGrath whom manages to keep Lena’s true intentions hidden behind every word. As Lena is out creating an alien detection device Kara has to question the morality of a person that actively wants to mark aliens in such a way.
Similarly we discover that the alien who is out to kill the President (not Mon-El) sees the alien amnesty act as simply a way to keep them all on the register. I’m glad that the writers chose to go this root with the motivation for the character as we’re able to sympathise with the alien and it also leads to a larger discussion, further more it kind of creates a more sophisticated ‘monster of the week’ storyline that shows maybe Supergirl is growing up on the CW in a way it wouldn’t have been able too on CBS.

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