Flash Episode four review

The Flash always managed to pop a little better than Arrow, maybe it’s the slightly younger cast, a less tortured crew dynamic or one-liner villains but watching The Flash is-for the most part- a lot of fun.

The villains for this week are a bonnie and clyde style meta-duo with links too Snart. I think their presence are more to give Wentworth Miller a very enjoyable cameo than anything but we’ve got Mirror Man (travels through mirrors) and Top (has the ability to induce vertigo)

In the non-superhero side of the world Iris and Barry’s relationship has hit an awkward speed bump. I think we all guessed it was never going to run smooth. They needed to address their feelings and how they related too Joe before anything else could happen. And it allows the whole growing up together issue being addressed.

Although it’s a very meta-heavy episode and sadly there’s no appearance by the ever charming Tom Felton, it’s fun too see Wells look at the eighteen different versions of himself from the other universes.

Quick also gets a lot of screen time this episode including her burgeoning relationship with Wally whom seems to be having more success dating a speedster than Iris does and Quick also gets in with the action.

I appreciate a story where the main conflict relates back to the characters in their internal problems. When Barry managed to get out of the mirror after realising he was stuck and in turn deciding now is probably the best time for him to move out.

It’s a cheesy story gimmick but having things work out instead of a bunch of hanging threads makes more sense than the way the flarrowuniverse were doing things in season 2.

Also, maybe an unpopular opinion but I enjoy what they’re doing with Snow. I always felt she was little undeveloped compared to the rest of the cast and enjoy the mystery surrounding her developing powers as it allows elements of her character to grow.

I’m excited for the next episode and the rest of the season to come, I feel like The Flash is probably the best show so far that’s set up for the crossover and I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

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