Arrow 5×04 review

Arrow was the Cw’s original walk into the superhero genre.Oliver Queen was kind of the Batman of this world before he became the actual superhero Green Arrow.

But tastes change, dark superhero films now get as many rotten tomatoes as a film involving Dane Cook. So in it’s new world, how does Arrow function as a show without a sense of humour.

Queen and his new crew of Rookie superheroes go to a military prison too break John Diggle out. The plan is more of a caper and I like the whole plot line follow through, this show does action better than any of the other superhero tv shows, everything is shot perfectly and played at an almost heart stopping pace.

Only thing is, John doesn’t want to leave, he’s still tortured over killing his brother and believes he still deserves the punishment.

When John was part of the team, Oliver had an equal if not a superior. John was ride-or-die but he also was able to call out Oliver on his tortured bullshit and provide balance with Felicity.

Speaking of Felicity, I don’t think she leaves the headquarters all episode and is regulated too an almost den-mother like quality within the headquarters. She’s an emotional jumping off point for our new band of trainee-superheroes including the young ragman who finds out she was responsible for his father’s death. His conflict however is dealt within all of ten minutes as he resigns and is rehired for the team after one of Olly’s rousing speeches.

Defining the new team outside of them just getting beaten up by Oliver Queen and a new team of bad guys would make us care about them a little more.I like the new team, I want to see them as better and more defined characters, there’s such a potentially fantastic dynamic there somewhere. I’m not talking about just referencing their tragic back stories but give them five minutes to actually give a shit about each other instead of the constant doom and gloom.

And with lack of development we’ve got Thea Queen, regulated to helping her brother do a half-assed job as Major along with the new DA (who is clearly being set up to be a new superhero) The whole Major arc would make more sense if it was actually Thea who was running the city, giving her something to do and be a source of contention with Olly.

The bright spot in this episode is our new villain after Damien Darhk grew to almost detity proportions it’s nice to have a villain nestled somewhere in reality. Let’s have less magic and more evil genius with a gun please.

Overall I’m going to continue watching this season of the Arrow because there s a really good show somewhere within the less than stellar episodes, it does sometimes rely on filler to let the emotions of the previous episode sit so I’m waiting for something good to happen soon.

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