Kyle Maclachlan talks Twin Peaks.

The new Twin Peaks revival has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement. As we get ready to delve back into Lauren Palmer’s world Lynch has released his book “The Secret History of Twin Peaks.”

But the hero at the heart of the tv show was the coffee-loving FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as part of the 20th anniversary of cult-classic Blue Velvet Maclachlan also touched on the new Twin Peaks series.

“Returning to the actor-director relationship that we so enjoyed during Dune and Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks—the first Twin Peaks—was something that I honoured and was so grateful for.”

The new series will be airing some time during 2017, almost 27 years since the original was just six years into Kyle MacLachlan’s long and distinguished career.

“I went to work every day with incredible gratitude in my heart…There are a lot of new cast members, over 200 speaking cast members in total . . . some I saw, some I didn’t even see!”

Along with the main cast from the original series there’s also a whole host of new characters coming to town.

Apparently before his death David Bowie was supposed to be part of the new Twin Peaks series. Playing his character from the movie spin off Fire Walk with Me.

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