The Great Indoors: Them Millennials with their… twittertube… and faceblr

The Great Indoors finally gives a voice to the incredibly underrepresented demographic of middle aged white men.

The Great Indoors is essentially the sitcom version of a “Why are Millennials so…(Insert derogatory phrase here)” New York Post article which was probably spat out by some drunk forty year journalist and lovingly rewritten by an uncredited and underpaid intern who’d previous been chewed out by said-forty year old for messing up the coffee order.

Whatever… I’m not broke and bitter or anything…

With jokes about how unusual a group of diverse people are and assuming a guy wearing a bandana is gay The Great Indoors would have happily existed within the mid 90s for a couple of seasons before moving into extinction.

You can see a heavy influence from creator Mike Gibbons similar too his main character who worked with print media and moved to online, Gibbons worked almost exclusively within TV talkshows before moving onto Tosh.0 (a commentary on online news)

A part of me hopes that this experience will have the show develop from a very basic joke into a commentary on the dissonance between millennial and essentially Gen Xers but maybe I’m hoping too much.

The heavy metaphors between Joel McHales character being the last of his kind and the adventure magazine going online is beaten over your head for twenty minutes. Along with the set-up for his relationship with straight-laced daughter of Steven Fry’s character who’s job description is unknown

Saying that, I love the cast. Why Steven Fry is doing this show is beyond me but you can tell he’s having fun in his guest starring role, if Steven Fry is happy then England is happy. Joel Mchale is playing a blackberry-less version of his Community character, he’s definitely carrying a script of stilted jokes and narrow stereotypes. The group of millennial play as a boring antithesis too McHales character and honestly nothing stands out with them.

However this show isn’t for me, I am a millennial, I worked unpaid internships throughout university and two jobs to fund them. This show is for people within their forties to feel a smug sense of satisfaction because young people grew up with computers which as we know, makes them just the most gosh darn terrible people in the world.

I’m going to keep watching due to the fact I love Steven Fry and Joel McHale was hilarious in Community or maybe due to my generation’s affliction with naivety and hope.

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