12 Things you didn’t know about the Scream movie

Scream is possibly one of the best modern(ish) horror movie. The crazy meta- funny stab happy film is a halloween staple but there are some crazy things behind the scenes that made our favourite 90s slasher flick

Wes Craven, the iconic director, also directed popular horror movies the Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes and Nightmare on Elm Street making him the perfect guy to oversee a bunch of self aware teens being struck down one by one.

Wes Craven also made a cameo in the film as the school’s Janitor dressed in a trilby and stripped sweater similar to another movie killer we all know…


Although Kevin Williamson is probably best known for his work on shows like Dawson’s  Creek and The Vampire Diaries, he actually got his start writing the screenplay for Scream with all of his signature sarcasm and pop culture references.


A line in the end credits reads “NO THANKS WHATSOEVER TO THE SANTA ROSA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNING BOARD”. Because the board decided to deny the shooting of the film on their location a few days before shooting due to it’s violent nature.

Roger Jackson who did the creepy killer voice down the phone also does the voice of Mojo Jojo in The Powerpuff Girls


The iconic scene at the beginning where the killer taunts Drew Barrymore’s character inside the house, someone didn’t unplug the phone that she screams down to the police too. So when she dialled 911 there was very worried operator on the other end.

This was the film that Courtney Cox and David Arquette met on, they would divorce in 2013  two years after scream4


Exorcist star and one of the Original scream queens Linda Blair makes a short cameo in the movie as one of the several news casters following the story of the murders.

Randy accurately guesses who the killers are in the first movie only to be disbelieved both times he makes the accusations.


Sydney makes a reference too Tori Spelling playing her in a movie, Tori Spelling then goes onto play Sydney in “Stab” the spoof movie of the high school events in Scream 2. Tori Spelling also tried out for the part of Sydney before Neve Campbell was cast.


Robert Rodriguez actually directed the Stab movie within Scream 2, he would later go onto cast Scream star Rose McGowan in his Grindhouse movie Planet Terror.

Within the second movie Kevin Williamson just added to the stage direction “Wes Craven will make it scary” at some points in the movie because he knew that he’d know what to do.


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