What’s happening with Hope on The Originals?

When we left Season three of The Originals Hayley was getting the fuck out of dodge with her daughter Hope in the passenger seat in her baby carriage.

Now at comic-con, we got a sneak peek into season four of The Originals we know that Hope is a tween now and things are about to get a lot more complicated. We know season four of The Originals will take place within a five-year time jump with Klaus being trapped in Marcel desiccated vampires garden.

Julie Plec gave the scoop to Entertainment Weekly’s spoiler room about the prodigal daughter:

“This is a girl who has no real memories of her father, so we’ll be able to see what Hayley has done, if anything, to keep her aware of her father, who he is, and what the truth is about her life,”

In previous seasons there have been hints as to what exactly powers the daughter of a Werewolf and the Original vampire will be there’s no definitive answer just yet…

“We’ll see a young girl and see where she is with her own abilities. We’ll get to see father and daughter eventually reunited, two strangers coming together with so much in common. Theres some really special moments between them.”

Played by actress Summer Fontana, we’re super excited to see how the next season is going to happen.


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