Evan Rachel Wood talks Westworld

The first four episodes of Westworld have marked our officially introduction into a world of robots, intrigue and a weekly dose of Antony Hopkins being a terrifying mofo.

A lot of the show is seen through the perspective of host Dolores, a ranchers daughter living a simple life just off the edge of the village. We see a horrible barrage of violence enacted against her only for her to wake up the next day with no memory of what happened.

There’s something tragically intriguing about Dolores arc, compared to the others she lives the most in the dark. But as her systems begin to malfunction we realise there’s something sinister lurking underneath the amenable exterior. A lot of this is to do with Evan Rachel Wood, who brings nuance to a character who could potentially be quite plain.

Talking with Variety.com she explained the nuances of playing a robot who doesn’t know she’s a robot.

“To her, her father is dead, and this is very real, and her suffering is happening and is very painful to her….And the other side is this core analysis mode, where you are actually a highly evolved being and fiercely intelligent and beyond pain and beyond death and a supernatural being almost. So to play with the juxtaposition of that and the internal conflict that Dolores had was a ride.”

In the next few episodes Dolores is undergoing quite a transformation from quiet country girl too a horse riding bounty hunter. We can’t wait for the next phase in her character development.

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