Westworld Episode five review/recap

After last weeks episode Westworld has moved beyond it’s world building motif into a story.

Logan and William dive further into the world, Logan tries to entice a war “There are no heroes or villains, it’s just one giant circle jerk” although the William is the Man in Black hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, we  get the impression that William’s story isn’t going to be complete once his holiday is over. Laurence, the poor soul who’s become MiB noose wearing sidekick makes an appearance in William’s story, suggesting this may be the first meeting of the two.

Dolores accompanies the two on their mission but is having a crisis of her own as she begins to unravel with memories of a world she doesn’t meet. The two team up, Dolores can shoot a gun now and a voice inside her head is telling her what to do…could it be Arnold?

Speaking of which Arnold may be dead but his presence is felt. The programmer finds a satellite in the host that tries to kill her, whether that suggests corporate espionage or something more sinister we’ll have to wait and see. Although it would be amazing if it was all brought down by something as mundane as the money.

In the highlight of the opposite Ford and the Man in Black come face to face in a backwards pub on the outskirts of tone. The two talk quietly, you wonder if this is the first time they’ve met and does Ford understand the Man in Black more than he admits…

“I always figured this place was missing a real villain.”

Teddy doesn’t quite realise he’s having a conversation with his creator, but protects Ford nonetheless.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Hopkins is solidly the scariest person in the whole show.

The episode ends with one of the “butchers”finally programming a bird to fly and Maeve waking up in the room seemingly more content than she was the last time she woke up in a dream. Maeve seems to understand the Westworld a little better than the other hosts, she could be the dark horse that fucks up their entire world.

Five episodes left and I don’t think we’re going to get a conclusive ending but like the guests in Westworld I’m just enjoying the journey.

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