Supergirl : Survivors review/recap

This contains spoilers for last nights episode…

Second season Supergirl has officially found it’s footing at the CW, a show about aliens and superheroes that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A case about a peaceful alien showing up dead, Kara is trying to develop a story and Hank meets another Green Martian.

One thing I’m enjoying about this season of Supergirl is the natural progression of story.Roulette- Veronica StClair- hosts a rich people pop-up fight club for aliens. Dichen Lachman is fantastic in the role of Roulette, the upper crust, self assured ring leader to the event, Lachman does a perfect job of making you hate her. Rich people using aliens as cheap forms of entertainment is easily a natural plot point in a world that knows about aliens.

Sharon Leal is playing Megan or Miss Martian initially set up to be the other Green Martian on planet Earth. Hank, finally feeling like he’s not alone on earth is trying desperately to bond with her but she keeps pushing him away. Until we find out she’s part of the alien fighting ring. The episode is entitled Supergirl : Survivors and these two play out our central role of two survivors from a race long gone.

Alex and Maggie are once again investigating it together, whether that’s against protocol or not we won’t know. But being team-crime stoppers with underlying sexual tension is kind of adorable and hopefully the relationship continues as slow burn and doesn’t fizzle out in the same way as Jimmy Olsen and Kara. Speaking of which, I do miss Jimmy it’s a shame that they needed to push him to the side in order to build up Mon-El.

Mon-El spends the episode hiding in the DEO much to his annoyance, testing his powers with Winn. We find out he doesn’t have as many as Supergirl (although Mon-El may be hiding them just as he does his Prince title) and eventually he convinces Winn to let them go outside. The budding friendship between Winn and Mon-El is very cute and also gives Winn something to do besides being sat behind a computer. Hopefully they’ll add Jimmy to the Wolfpack eventually.

The episode ends with the aliens turning on Roulette after Supergirl convinces them that they are all survivors in some way or another coming to the planet for safe haven. But in a twist, Roulette escapes custody after someone higher up puts in a phone call and I suspect that this won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of her.

The episode ends with our two Mars survivors Hank and Megan. Hank understands that she might not want to share everything and that it will take some time. Everything looks good for a budding relationship between the two until Megan transforms into the White Martian, the race of people who slaughtered Hank’s family.

It’s a great plot twist and overall a fantastic episode, if you’re writing filler then this is how it should look. We get Kara’s emotions about her family, bonding with Mon-El, work success and a well rounded look at all the side characters and how the world around them works. Definitely my favourite of all the CW superhero shows and it hope it continues in the same vein it’s been set up.



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