Gilmore Girls Finale: Refresher course

We’re less than a month away from the Gilmore Girls revival: A year in the life, the Netflix miniseries has been anticipated by fans for years after the season seven finale in 2007.

So let’s take a look at that finale and where we left all of our favourite Stars Hollow townies…

Rory got a job 


Rory Gilmore got a job reporting from Barak Obama’s campaign trail, this episode was written before Obama was even announced as the Democratic nominee so that’s kind of amazing foresight on the Gilmore Girls part.

Lorelei is alone


After marrying Rory’s father Christopher on a whim in Paris and breaking up with him in Stars Hollow. Lorelei is preparing for the first time since she was sixteen years old to be completely by herself without a daughter or a romantic counterpart Lorelei is going to just be Lorelei

Lane Kim is a momma and rocker (hopefully) 


Listen you can be a fan of Gilmore Girls and find it a little tragic that Lane Kim didn’t realise her rocker dreams at the end of the season. We know that Lane will have her two eight year old twins Steve and Kwan in the Revival. Fingers crossed she’s still drumming.

Paris Gellar: Superdoc 


After some quarter life crisis issues Paris decides to go to one of the multitude of medical schools that have accepted her and continue on her relationship with Doyle, whom promised he’d follow her to whatever school she picked. No doubt she’s also still in Rory’s life just when she’s needed.

Jess Mariano is a pretty decent guy


No matter what team you’re on you can’t deny the connection Rory and Jess had. Even though we don’t exactly know what happened in the intermediate years of Jess’ life we know that he’s now running a Publishing House in Philly and even wrote his own book.

Luke and Lorelei’s status is…unknown…


Okay so maybe they kissed in the Bon Voyage episode and maybe we’ve seen some of the production pictures but we don’t know exactly what is going on between diner owner Luke Danes and Lorelei Gilmore, after all they had three seasons of flirtation before they got together

April is still around 


April Nardini, Luke Danes unknown child who came into the show midway season six was a point on contention in Luke and Lorelei’s relationship. After a custody battle and glowing personal recommendation from Lorelei, Luke won joint custody and was able to see his daughter.

Friday Night Dinners are still a thing


Whether they are ten years down the line remains to be seen but Lorelei does inform both her parents that she still wants to keep up Friday Night Dinners because well she’s “got used to them.”

Although many people were sad that Gilmore Girls didn’t end with it’s original show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino left at the end of season six, now she’s back and hopefully we’ll get to say a proper goodbye to all the Gilmore Girls


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