Monsters, Frost and Malfoy: The Flash season five episode three review

The Flash this episode is dealing with monsters, Harrison no.11 and nasty coworkers. Poor Barry, remember when he was more concerned with being the fastest man alive.

Monster deals with a big-ass monster wrecking the down town of Central City. It’s refreshing to move away from the meta-human and have the monster or the week be an actual monster.

A non-talking, all-destroying villain means that the emotional story is centred around team Flash. Cisco is suspicious of new Harrison, Caitlin decides to go for her mother for help and Barry faces off against Julian at work.

Harrison (or H.R) is definitely not whom he portrays himself to be but he isn’t quite as sinister as the other Harrison’s have been. It turns out he’s less science genius than the other Wells and is more of ‘idea’ guy than anything else.

Caitlin’s powers begin to get out of hand as she realises she still has some unresolved issues with her mother whom abandoned her after her father’s death. I still don’t understand why Caitlin has decided that now is the best time to hide her powers, she’s friends with the fastest man alive and a guy that can vibe, you’d think they’d be the most accepting.

In this episode we also find out a little more about Julian and why he kind of hates The Flash(or Julian tells us a little more, whether it’s true or not remains to be seen) Julian doesn’t have a tragic backstory to motivate his disdain for meta’s instead it is more of a childish jealousy, a belief that if he had these powers then he would be doing good. Julian’s growth within the episode is great to watch and it’s a reminder that Tom Felton is a really good actor and I hope that he comes back again even in a different timeline.

As they come together there’s a discovery that the scary Monster is little more than a hologram created by a very sad teenage boy who just wanted other people to feel scared. It’s a good reminder that the monsters we see everyday aren’t always motivated by hate. (that’s right I’m finding sentiment in a superhero show.)

Overall I’m really enjoying the show, I wish they’d move the Caitlin storyline on a little quicker and give Wally something to do, fingers cross it happens in two weeks time (postponed due to the election) and you can see the new promo right here:

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