The Great Indoors “The thing with Millennials…”

The Great Indoors tackles the maddening world of dating in the 21st century.

Two episodes in and we know very little about half of our cast apart from the fact they know about computers. Jack’s best friend remains behind a bar and he’s little more than a sounding board for Jack’s problems at the moment which consists of being the editor of an online magazine.

The millennial jokes like awkwardly taking guesses at someone’s sexuality seemed oddly dated when they were in a Vince Vaughan movie three years ago. Now it’s just weird.

As Jack’s character get’s acquainted with online dating and subsequently rejects the help of his millennial underlings, he’s determined to do things his own way and get’s his identity stolen on a date.

Shots about online dating and emojis play out like something your auntie snipes about when you so much as look at your phone.

Have someone take fifty thousand of the same spontaneous picture or have the occasional sprinkled in-joke of a social media star’s real life. Why are you making jokes about the concept of the internet two decades late?

Atlanta, the Donald Glover tv show, understands annoying internet behaviour a lot more than The Great Indoors, with its annoying vine star come pizza delivery guy and selfie taking policemen. Younger shows the differences between the two generations and maybe because it doesn’t have a laughing track or because it’s just funnier.

At the end of the day, it is a three-camera sitcom with the uncomfortable pauses to let the laughing track sit.

There are glimmers of a good show, in between awkward jokes about potentially dating ugly people, when Jack might have had his identity stolen by his date without realising it was almost funny.

And to be honest I can’t fault the actors, they’re doing what they can with cat lady jokes and boring stereotypes. But The Big Bang Theory managed to run it’s first 6 seasons being about geeky boys and a dumb blonde so The Great Indoors has no incentive to use character development. It can run on the fumes of their one joke or  it can just run another ‘why are millennial ruining (insert boring ass rich person activity here)’ clickbait article.

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