Legends of Tomorrow : Where is Rip Hunter?

Legends of Tomorrow is working like a well oiled time travelling machine in it’s second season. No longer the stepchild to shows like Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow is setting up to be an integral part of the four way crossover coming up at the end of the month.

But the absence of time-travelling rogue Rip Hunter has been playing out in the background of the show for the past few episodes as it juggles new characters and old storylines.

Rip apparently sacrificed himself less season too save his team but in the superhero universe we live in, people rarely stay dead for long.

Arthur Darvill is credited on imdb for episodes this year and next year, whether that’s just credit or whether it’s flashbacks remains to be seen right now.

Without going into spoilers, potentially Legends of Tomorrow could be mirroring a storyline in the critically acclaimed 52 comic book. Whether it’s as an earth two version of himself or a twin brother we hope Arthur Darrell returns to the comic universe sometime soon.

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