The Vampire Diaries: When Vampires grow up…

As Vampire Diaries settles into it’s final season the show goes with a new evil villain, an evil Damon and star-crossed lovers in the form of Enzo and Bonnie.

I love the new villain, a beautiful and evil Siren by the name of Sybil who is using her siren call to get both Damon and Enzo to do her bidding. The Vampire Diaries is often a shit shower of plotholes and character¬†inconsistencies but it does wonders with it’s villains, whether it’s Katherine, Klaus or the Original Stefan there is something insanely watchable about a powerful evil being that is taking joy in it.

In the A story Enzo puts up his defences and Damon uses his meeting with Elena as his safe place but both are stripped away and she decides to pit them against each other.

With Bonnie forced too choose between Damon who might just be her best friend and Enzo who she’s madly in love with. She chooses Damon because well… he’s killed a bunch of people she quite likes and Bonnie has taken over the Elena mantle for this season and is a ride or die with the boy she likes.

I’m wondering what the end game with the Siren and the humanity switching off for both Enzo and Damon. The show seems to be enjoying a middle season not it’s last with the introduction of Alaric’s intern, new nannies and Caroline’s kids.

To be honest the CW isn’t above doing the same shit for eleven seasons so it’s nice to see characters move on in life. Stefan and Caroline’s relationship feels natural, although the proposal seems a little out of left field, the kids are a consistent part of the story and it’s nice to just see a little bit of drama that’s more Friday Night Lights than Buffy.

Vampire Diaries season eight still has a long stretch out in front of it but hopefully in it’s final season we can have a little fun.

Finally the end showed us the return of Tyler Lockwood, he and Damon face off and Tyler informs him that there’s no going back if he kills him. Although you have to wonder why Tyler wouldn’t have a vervain needle with him at all time like the littlest Salvatore (r.i.p) it’d be great if in Season Eight they had the balls to kill off half their main cast


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