Westworld Episode six review

In episode 6, Westworld has truly showed us beyond the veil and maybe let one of their robots have a glimpse too.

With no Dolores and William this episode and very little of the Man in Black we’re reminded that there is a whole host of people running the park for the guests to enjoy.

Maeve stunned us at the end of last episode by sitting up right in the repair bay. We follow her story again this episode as she goes to get herself killed so she can proceed to chat with Felix the butcher/wannabe coder.

It’s not a stretch to imagine Maeve convincing Felix to show her around the life beyond the park but her lack of confusion at something which we see her only have a glimpse of makes us wonder who else Maeve might be talking with behind the scenes.

A wordless sequence plays out where Maeve surveys all the work that goes into creating her life. Including footage she remembers as a dream being used to advertise the place.

Eagle eyed viewers will note that the different logo from William’s arrival is seen in the background. If you believe the Man in Black is William theory then it suggests that Maeve’s story is taking place in the present.

A lot of the drama this episode centres around what is going on behind the scenes in the park. Bernard and Elsie are beginning to uncover a conspiracy that someone is remotely hacking into and changing the older hosts.Whether that person is Arnold, we don’t quite know yet.

Women of the board Theresa Cullen is still a little uncomfortable following the conversation she previously had with Ford in the restaurant (aren’t we all) and she breaks things off with Bernard. We also see the arrival of Tessa Thompson’s executive character who first managed to fuck with head narrative writer Lee Sizemore whom then finds himself pissing on the map of Westworld. Whether the money stuff matters or not in the long run of the robot world remains to be seen but as it bubbles away under the surface we have to admit it’s quite funny.

A significant point in the episode is Ford’s robotic house, a part of Westworld he keeps hidden from everyone is discovered by Bernard. Not that Ford particularly seems to care, Hopkin’s is playing Ford with an undeniably careless attitude. Not only that but it looks like he’s already aware that the hosts can lie to him as the younger version of himself kills his dog because Arnold told him too.It seems like Ford has previously been safe in the knowledge he’s the smartest man in the room and might be the only human (check out our Westworld theories for more details) Now he’s not too sure…

But Ford keeps a younger version of himself trapped in a happy memory quietly tucked away in his creation. Due to the fact no one else knew the hosts and Ford were there it also begs the question…what else is hidden in the park?

At the end of the episode Elsie discovers that Theresa may have something to do with espionage going on and something else sinister lurks underneath. I have a feeling we’re not going to see what’s coming….

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