Supergirl Review: 2X05

Supergirl is managing superhero ensemble better than any of it’s counterparts on CW. It hits all the marks of watchable television while still remembering that it’s a comic book show and that’s supposed to be fun.

The show is balancing all of it’s storylines extremely well with Kara helping Mon-El become Mike, helping him get an internship at Catco which he keeps messing up by following the guidelines set from “that TV show about Doctors.” I enjoyed the dynamic between the two and the complete lack of knowledge Mike had about regular human things. I know they’re eventually setting things up for Mike and Kara but I think things would actually be better just laughed as alien mentor/

Alex grappling with her crush on detective Maggie and for the first time this season she is faced straight on with the question of liking girls. Alex’s sexuality has been played incredibly well the past few episodes, giving Maggie her own autonomy outside the realms of a love interest and having Alex actually deal with it as a separate issue, the speech at the end in the bar was a little heartbreaking in it’s sincerity.

Jimmy and Winn teaming up for new superhero team finally gives two of our favourite side characters something to do. Jimmy goes through a little bit of crisis as the bank robbers with the alien weaponry destroys his camera. He decides to jump in front of the camera as a superhero (or a vigilante, what do you call a crime fighter without superpowers)

All wrapped in the threat of Cadmus, ( am I the only one that thought they were saying Katniss anyway..) Cadmus is attempting to divide aliens and humans even more by giving them powerful alien guns and demonstrating the idea of an alien threat coming in every part of life.

Supergirl is also met with the alien guns and shows that there is something (in fact a few things) that are stronger than Supergirl. I appreciate this because it’s kind of boring to have an all powerful alien. The episode actually ends with Lena Luthor and Winn managing to save the day.

Although Supergirl is still a cute show it manages to supply a bit of a bite as the bank robbers with the alien weapons are remotely murdered before they have the chance to be interrogated. And it turns out Lena Luthor’s mother is the person behind Cadmus, although this seemed inevitable it’s a great plot twist and I can’t wait to see the next episode.


One thought on “Supergirl Review: 2X05

  1. Have you ever felt the need of something new ? Some new superheroes ? With a different storyline and different powers. A different coccept…


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