Legends of Tomorrow: The Conflict comes…

The Eighties, a time for nuclear wars, crimped hair, the Legends of Tomorrow and Damien Darhk. Yup we’re in a conflict.

Yup, The Legends of Tomorrow are sitting in the middle of the cold war and a potential under the Whitehouse deal. It’s definitely one of the better episodes as the 80s costumes and hairstyles it settles into the fun of a time travelling TV show.

Amaya decides to catch up with the JSA only to realise they slowly tumbled after she left the only one remaining being Obsidian in his Logan-era. Although underused in this episode I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. It also gave us a little more of an insight into Amaya’s response to the Legends and allowed Nate to geek out a little.

Speaking of which, I’m really enjoying Nate at the moment, it’s nice to have a character who is the comic relief and who is also not stupid. He may be primarily used for one liners and information dumps at the moment but Nick Zano pulls it off with a lot of charm and hopefully it’ll pay off in the second part of the season.

One of the big character conflicts this week was between Ray Palmer and Mick Rory as Mick gives Ray the ice gun that belonged to his former partner. We haven’t seen Mick truly mourn the death of Leonard Snart just yet but the way it’s played you slowly feel like there’s something underneath every single one of Mick’s aggressive actions. Hopefully taking early-mid-life-crisis Ray under his wing will help him heal a bit.

In Conflict we also see a young Martin Stein again, with an almost unbearable amount of douchiness it’s nice to see older Martin Stein call himself out on his young antics. Although with this storyline I’m reminded once again that we don’t really see much of Jefferson’s emotional storyline, it’d be nice if it was centred around him for once and not the other way around because I do enjoy the dynamic between the two.

Legend of Doom is slowly assembling with Darhk and Bad Flash, the mounting threat of the CW Suicide Squad is being felt more within each episode and I doubt that it will fully be realised until after the crossover episodes. Although McDonough does seem born to play a villain like Darhk, especially in the moments towards the end as Sara Lance chose to not go on impulse and kill him, I hope it doesn’t spiral into another Darhk heavy season like Arrow.

Legends of Tomorrow is about a group of the b-list superheroes travelling around time to save history. Remembering that and having fun with it allows Legends of Tomorrow to have some utterly devastating emotional moments as the group battles with their own emotions.

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