Gilmore Girls: What are the final four words

The Gilmore Girls revival is coming up as an extra winter treat and we could all use a little bit of Lorelei in today’s world.

Fans of the show will remember that show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino had the final four words of Gilmore Girls planned out but after leaving the show in it’s seventh season she was never able to give us the ending conversation.

Since then, as if it were some Stars Hollow legend fans of the show have been theorising what that original exchange could have been about. A couple of gems being:

Lorelei: I’ll see you Friday

Rory: Ok let’s get coffee

Lorelei: Sorry Rory you’re adopted

Emily: You’ve been gilmored


And apparently the final four words also meant a lot to actor Scott Patterson whom stated in a recent interview:

“I actually submitted a list of what I wanted the four words to be to Amy and Dan [Palladino]…when I found out what the four words actually were, I was quite perturbed. They didn’t take [my suggestions]. So I made some phone calls and raised the roof a little bit.”

Regardless of what the final four words end up being Gilmore Girls is likely to be the most anticipated revival of the year and hopefully take our minds off the current political climate even if it’s only for a couple of hours…

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