Westworld: They are among us…

Troupe L’Oeil marks the second act of Westworld as we move further away from the Western storylines and into the more macabre realities upstairs.

The presence of the board is felt more strong as Charlotte Hales (Tessa Thompson) comes in from the Board, to finally help enact the mission that Theresa Cullen was sent for. Although she seems to be having some crisis of morality as Bernard is fired for the apparent malfunction with the hosts.

Hales apparent ease with everything suggests a vague intimacy with the park that we’re not yet aware of, maybe we’re seeing William’s fiancee Juliet but under a different name…

Speaking of William, he finally seems to be getting into the swing of things in the park as he forgets his deeply troubled life back home and gets it on with Dolores. Whether Dolores is manipulating him to get what she wants or if she’s still more a benign host playing a part in the storyline.

The apparent malfunctioning of the hosts is finally sought to be a real concern. Although Maeve is biding her time and using her two butcher friends to figure out how to get out Clementine is taken to the upstairs too demonstrate just how deadly the hosts can be. Thandie Newton should get some sort of recognition as her acting as Clementine is lobotomised is absolutely heartbreaking.

But the main event of Westworld took place in the final ten minutes of the show as Bernard and Theresa go searching for what Ford has been working on in the unmonitored areas of the park. Bernard confidently explains to Theresa that the hosts aren’t able too see exactly what is going on downstairs.

Things start going south for Theresa as soon as we hear Bernard ask “What door?” apparently unable too see it unless pointed out to him. Inside they find a rudimentary version of the 3D host creating machine and blueprints for Bernard and Theresa finally puts everything together.

Fans have been theorising that Bernard was a host since the first few episodes but it was still a shocking twist to watch as he took his jacket off and began to kill on Ford’s demand.

Ford appears out of nowhere and quietly explains to Theresa exactly what’s going on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the casting of Hopkins in this role was so perfect, without saying a word Hopkins manages to become the most evil and the smartest person in the room. Like the guests in his park he doesn’t have to worry about being hurt because he’s always in control.

Although like the litany of mad scientists before him it’s only a matter of time before one of his creations rise up to destroy him, now we’re taking bets on who it’ll be…


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