Supergirl: Parasite Problems

It’s a tough week in world three as Supergirl has a five thousand year old worm alien burrows it’s way into a climate change scientist who becomes part scary monster and part eco-terrorist. Parasite (great name) is a super sucking evil creature with Doctor Rudy Jones on his side and enough power that even Supergirl is struggling.

Overall this was a really good episode, group chemistry really plays well into the whole show and Kara Danvers being drunk is kind of adorable. I do wish that they’d give her a little bit more to do in regards to her real life as it just seems to be working at Catco and being Supergirl. Give Kara a hobby!

Meanwhile Mon-El decides to spend his days drinking and when Kara pushes him on it he uses his powers as hired muscle for a bookie (I would so watch this show btw) I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone within their first couple of months of being on earth to not want to jump straight into the fight but as Mon-El is thrown in the back of a Cadmus van, maybe he won’t have to worry about it.

Speaking of heroes we get the first official look at Jimmy Olsen s Guardian. Although I think that Jimmy deserves a better story line than this I’m glad it’s giving him something to do and hopefully he’ll be brought back into the fold soon enough.


To save Hank’s life M’gann is cornered into a blood transfusion, Alex thinking that they’re both Green Martians knows it’s the only way to save him. Meg who is a White Martian, you’ll remember doesn’t know exactly how her blood with affect him but still goes for it anyway…totally uncool Meg…

Alex’s story rings true for a lot of people as the path of true love never does run smooth and the first girl you fall for isn’t always the right one. The parts between Kara and Alex are wonderfully subtle and emotional and reminds us that Supergirl is a show with a big heart and it manages to let issues sit for a few episodes without turning them into a big deal. The scenes between Chyler Leigh is playing her story line beautifully as she crumbles at the rejection.

The tension with Cadmus and the big problems arising for next episode feel like they’ve earned, after a couple of filler episodes I’m looking forward to the emotional fall out next week….

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