Legends of Tomorrow: Outlaw Country

It’s the wild wild West as the Legends of Tomorrow reunite with Jonah Hex and a small mountain of Dwarf Star Alloy.

Jonah Hex faces off with his arch-nemesis Quentin Turnbull whom just might change history as he comes across a Dwarf Star Alloy mine being sought out by a time pirate. Attracting the Legends too the location as it turns out he’s very close to changing history.

When it comes to time travel locations Legends of Tomorrow is at it’s best with time periods within America. The restrictions of filming in L.A and just that the writing seems more confident and punchy when everyone is familiar with the time period.

Coming into the four part crossover Legends of Tomorrow is actually feeling more like a cohesive team, enough so that they’ll be able to hold their own around Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. Caity Lotz as Sara Lance is definitely a stand out, although her storylines consist of shepherding the other characters through, there’s a steely reserve of an actual leader about her that makes Lance not only watchable but believable as captain.

As well as that the dynamic between the rest of the team is growing, as Ray Palmer attempts to fit into his new super-suitless role there’s a mounting inferiority complex especially in the Wild West setting which last time he thrived in. Now most of the fighting is left to Nate who stops the outlaws bullets with his metal body.

Saying that Nate Heywood seems to be settling more into the team with less of the ‘I’m just happy to be here’ attitude he expresses grievances with being shuffled back into the library. Although this does seem sort of pointless, you have a super computer, just ask it too scan the object you’ve found. However his goofy humour is the perfect off-set to the dire situations e.g. stopping a train with his body. However the more we see of Nate the more I get the feeling he’s hiding something that may crystallise in the second half of the season, just putting this forward now.

On the opposite side of Nate is Amaya, who’s not as desperate for everyone to like her as Nate is. Also she’s a lot more confident in her powers and her abilities than him although after seeing her butting heads with Rory for the past few episodes it’s nice to see the two of them bond at the old saloon. This was a key point between cast chemistry, Rory sometimes feels like a supporting character and not main cast it’s nice too see him make connections especially after the demise of Snart.

Meanwhile Stein is getting headaches and visions of some woman, although we don’t know exactly what’s going on the two figure out that Stein accidentally changed his own history meaning that his relationship with his wife may not have existed. As well as that he could have met another woman and his whole life might have changed. I am enjoying the longer played out sub-plots with Firestorm, as the two recently discovered older Flash’ ¬†message which may come into play via the crossover.

Again this was a really fun episode although most of the Legends of Tomorrow time travelling adventures mean that they’ll have to come out on top other wise there would be dire consequences across all million Superhero shows. Legends does it with style, action and a lot of humour making it the most watchable one on the CW.



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