Robert De Niro doing TV series with David O. Russell

If you want quality entertainment in the 21st century then you’re going to need Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro is a screen legend with the Godfather and the GoodFellas in his arsenal. However he’s also proved to be one of our most versatile screen actors with films such as Meet The Parents and The Intern, Robert De Niro has proved that if you give this man a script you can do almost anything.

So it only seemed natural that one David O. Russell was conscripted into two seasons of a rumoured mafia TV series that he’d bring Robert De Niro with him. The two works together in Russel’s recent films Silver Lining’s Playbook and Joy and will now be working together for the Amazon Prime series.

De Niro will apparently be making 1.6 mil for the series and 85k per episode. Adding to the series is also iconic actress Julian Moore in an unknown role, both De Niro and Moore starred in 2012 comedy Being Flynn and we can’t wait to see them in the new series.

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