Westworld ‘Trade Decay’ review

Westworld ended last episode with the shocking death of Theresa. Bernard is a host and Ford’s a lot crazier than he’s been given credit for. However there doesn’t seem to be much grace to the coverup as even Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) seems a little suspicious about it. And when they decide to delete all trace of Theresa and Bernard’s relationship from Bernard’s memory they don’t account for Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) to have known about the relationship as well.

The eighth episode of the season manages to balance between all the storylines perfectly.

Dolores, whom we originally started off with as a main character is now confusingly running around the desert with William after flashbacks to the original town in Westworld. Possibly sent there by a dead or not Arnold, Dolores is close to malfunctioning when douchelord Logan arrives with his new gang of man and utters the kind of hilarious line “You guys are so fucked.” I think there’s a good chance that Logan will try to kill either William or Dolores and I’m kind of more interested to see how that goes as opposed to what Dolores was doing this episode.

Maeve was the real star of this episode, watching Thandie Newton act is like experiencing the full breath of human emotion within an hour long cycle. Maeve the homemaker turned madam turned smartest robot in the land is slowly developing a fighting chance of getting out of the park. If we’re looking at the show within a past and present timeline then the Maeve we’re seeing is either in a present or future timeline as the Man in Black’s brutal slaughter of her child has already been played out.

Which leads up to Angela (Talluah Riley) the impossibly beautiful welcomer for William now returns as a wild haired “survivor” of Wyatt’s destruction. This one side character might be the most conscious marker for the timeline as the Man in Black makes the side comment “I thought they would have retired you by now” this leads me to suspect that the Man in Black/William reveal will not be set up as the big plot twist rather there’s something deeper to that story which we won’t see coming.

The realisation of how close all the stories are makes me wonder about the end of the episode. As Maeve has been planning to escape all episode, with the help of Felix and Sylvester with a newly cauterised neck kills the new Clementine in a possibly malfunction. But as Maeve mentioned she wants to build her army, does that mean she needs more time in behaviour to mess with the other hosts and make them more aware?

The timeline of the stories makes me a little nervous as to whether the end of this season will be a triumph for the characters we’ve invested so much time in. After all it’s implied early on in the episode that Theresa isn’t the first person that Ford’s killed and he might just do anything to keep his little world the way he likes it.


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