Supergirl ‘Darkest Place’ Review

Cadmus has been burning in the background of Supergirl for the past few weeks. A viable threat to our caped crusader but when you’ve got aliens, cage-fights and serial killers Cadmus was regulated to a secondary threat.

Until the end of last week’s episode when Mon-El took up the mantle of damsel-in-distress being kidnapped by Cadmus and thrown in the metal cell.

Except no one notices for a little while. Kara is being her best self, Alex Danvers is still working out her feelings for Maggie with awkward feelings in alien bars and Winn and James have a new vigilante to content with. Kara also happens to mention that she’s not a fan of vigilantes due to the one her cousin had dealings with- correct me if I’m wrong but if this a potential Batman reference because I am here for that.

Mon-El’s capture is quickly followed by Kara in a matching cage next to him and we finally get the Cyborg Superman reveal…Hank Henshaw. The real Hank Henshaw, the one who’s life J’on J’onzz took over all those years ago, he’s pissed and he’s out for revenge.

To be honest the main theme of this episode seems to be lack of communication. As no one notices Supergirl is missing as well. Although J’on J’onzz is a bit busy having visions and flashes because Megan’s blood is infecting his system, the two come to blows as he finally discovers her secret and she confessed that her blood is turning him into a white martian. Which is a bit of a dick move, if you knew this was going to happen you should have fought a bit harder.

While this is happening James is continuing her work as the Guardian while another man uses his name and kills criminals that have got away with their crimes. James plot line at the moment feels uncomfortably tagged on, maybe they are setting him up for his own spinoff but right now it just feels unnecessary.

Supergirl and Mon-El are stuck in the Cadmus headquarters with a Cyborg Superman and the reveal that the head of Cadmus is Lillian Luthor, the mother of both Lena and Lex and apparently the Kris Jenner of National City with the amount of alliterating children names. She wants to get id of the monsters that apparently ruined her son’s life and manipulates Supergirl into depleting all of her powers in order to save Mon-El’s life.

Shockingly things don’t go according to plan and the things look like they’re going south for Supergirl until… Jeremiah appears. Yup, Alex Danvers dad and the 90s Superman Dean Kaine has been imprisoned in Cadmus’ headquarters for fifteen years.

So far all the pieces of Supergirl are shuffling into place although I wish we got a bit more focus on Kara’s emotional struggles when it didn’t relate to a romantic relationship. A week away from the crossover and I don’t think we’re going to get that.

As Mon-El begins to look at Kara as a romantic interest, the relationship between the two looks to be inevitable. Not that I mind, it’s just romantic relationships on this show haven’t exactly been easy.

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