Search Party: Ghosting

Not with a bang but with a whimper Search Party ends it’s first season. As Dory finally discovers what happened to Chantal… Did a bitter boyfriend threaten her life? Is she on the run from a Brooklyn pregnancy cult?

For the most part Dory has been using the disappearance of passing college acquaintances as an escape from the mundanity of her own life. Although increasingly reckless behaviour suggest it might be a sign of something deeper. But the absurdity of it all is what makes Search Party hilarious, the four brooklynites that can leave at a moments notice rolling with the ridiculousness of it all.

The group set off to Montreal after blackmailing nanny-dad for thousands of dollars not before realising that Keith the Private Investigator isn’t exactly who he portrayed himself to be. Could he actually be after Chantal?

Ron Livingston’s version of the Private Investigator is incredibly unsettlingly, although for moments throughout the series I did wonder whether or not he was a real person or an extension of her psychosis.

Dory, Drew,Elliot and Portia drive to Montreal in Gail’s car, which they may have technically stolen from the pills/wine housewife. Elliot let’s slip about the sleeping bag and Drew finally put two and two together. As the get Montreal he’s done.

The devolution of Dory and Drew’s relationship has been a long time coming, the clueless boyfriend was bordering on infuriating as he danced around the crumbling romance.

He’s getting on the bus back and Keith finds them. But he’s not sent by the cult, he’s just a guy who takes pictures of cheating husbands looking for a big payout. Search Party takes pleasure in the letdown, there’s some sick humour with all of it not interconnecting, Chantal isn’t  Amy Dunn and Dory isn’t a millennial Sherlock.

Instead Keith aggressively comes onto her, clearly wrapped up the story that he’s made in his head about the two of them. She grabs the nearest thing to her and bashes him in the head, Drew does the same…nothing fixes a relationship like mutual homicide.

Then they find Chantal…

A different haircut and hiding out in a Montreal, Dory finally gets everything she’s been looking for and it’s shit. The let down of Chantal’s story, a completely untragic girl , a pissy millennial who isn’t missing but rather she’s just ghosting.

It’s a cruel end for characters and a storyline that we’d invested so heavily in, but the sheer comedy of the situation is satisfying in its own way. The dead body in the cupboard, the dullness of Chantal and the fact that Dory tried for so long too find purpose and excitement in someone else’s story she finally made some of her own.




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