Westworld ‘Memory’ Review

The story of Westworld takes place within two very specific worlds, the backstage and the front stage. With hosts and humans enacting the big stories on the front stage and memories and body parts being clean up on the backstage. For the past nine or so episodes there has been a big difference between what is the story and what isn’t the story and now things are seemingly blurred.

The concept of memory plays heavily into this episode, firstly our action heroine Maeve is starting to remember everything. She slowly begins to build her robot army with some of the most poetic language on the show. Including the behind the scenes of her own life, she awakens a blissfully ignorant Bernard to his own part in the play and Bernard wants to know more and with a gun to his head, Ford finally delves into Bernard’s memories.

Bernard is a host version of Arnold, Ford’s partner in the first few years of the park. Arnold, whom we discover was killed by Dolores (although we don’t know the full circumstances) also brings up the question of whom Dolores has been having these one on one chats with. Did Arnold notice something different in her and Ford had him kill her? The mythology surrounding Arnold proves all the more fantasticating.

Fans of the show had been theorising that an episode of Westworld takes place across multi-timelines, meaning we’re seeing incidents from different times in the park and we can’t always be sure problems are linear.

Including the link between William and the Man in Black. Two very different characters that have yet to crossover, but with the intoxicating nature of the park and the William’s slow descent into moral ambiguity many have thought we could be witnessing the Man in Black’s origin story.

However this theory was possibly disproven when the Man in Black and Dolores were reunited in the church at the end of today’s episode. Of course with the hosts memories we don’t know if they work linear and we might just be seeing this as the perspective of Dolores memory.

There are still a lot of unknown factors with Westworld, the board of directors and their link to the Man in Black are still a mystery and things are building up for a reveal. The most intriguing of which might be an explanation as to how Ford hasn’t just been straight up murdered by anyone yet.

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