Supergirl: Crossover: Medusa

It’s crossover time! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the CW superheroes are heading into the highly anticipated crossover week featuring Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and The Legends of Tomorrow. Finally formalising the crossover universe and leading too potential crossovers in the future.

So the crossover begins with Supergirl on Monday night, Supergirl is still dealing with the threat of Cadmus, who the Guardian is, the job that she still apparently has and now Thanksgiving. As Cadmus’ plan finally comes to fruition, creating a virus that will wipe out all alien life using a kryptonian created weapon.

Although this was a very good episode I find myself being wholly underwhelmed by it. You advertise it as the start of the crossover, I want a crossover!

That’s to say it wasn’t a good episode. It culminated the plot of Cadmus and Cyborg Superman (the real Hank Henshaw) as we see Lena Luthor deal with her mother that may favour her brother a little bit more than her. A shaky relationship and the possibility that Lena might just be as evil as her mother leaves us in a precarious position when it turns out the only thing that can disperse the virus is at L Corp.

The episode does feel like it’s been earned in several respects, a Thanksgiving episode feels natural for a show with a big heart, Cadmus’ plan has been bubbling underneath the surface for the past eight episodes and the relationship between Maggie and Alex isn’t just tacked on.

Strangely, even though he was introduced prior to Maggie, the Mon-El and Kara relationship just doesn’t seem to be working for me. Maybe it’s because they just completely stopped Jimmy and Kara without a really satisfying explanation, or that Jimmy has been sidelined with the Guardian plot but something about it doesn’t feel natural at this point. Even with the kiss in this episode I’m just hoping that don’t attempt to look into it until very later on in the season, slow burn it please.

Also, it’s nice to see the symmetry between Alex, Kara and their mother and Lena and her mother. One of whom is doing everything to try and help her kids, the other expects the kid to help her. Although we don’t know if Alex ever told her mother that she saw Dean Cain at Cadmus.

This episode solidly feels like a mid-season finale too me, plenty of the storylines have been wrapped up and a couple are still left hanging. I’m disappointed that it didn’t centre around the crossover but the final few minutes with Barry and Cisco world jumping too try and find Kara did present a lot of hope for the crossover. There’s a lot of natural chemistry within both Supergirl and The Flash that made a good crossover initially, both shows know that superheroism isn’t a subject that needs to be taken too seriously, how that will mix with the Arrow’s gritty structure remains to be seen…


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