The problem with No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow is a very cute CW show about a boy and a girl in a relationship in a big city. The girl is very worried, straight laced quality control expert and a free wheeling Aussie who happens to believe that the world is ending in six months.

The show centres around their relationship and checking off different activities on their bucket list. And it’s a perfectly sweet show with a great cast that manages to make the most of the broadest premise.

The show’s strength is within it’s cast and the side stories and as one of them emerges it’s easy to see what’s the problem with No Tomorrow…

It should be about Kareema.

Played by Sarayu Blue, Kareema is the cuttingly sarcastic customer service agent at the no-trademark¬†Amazon. Funny, weird and sexually adventurous her storyline is way more watchable then the quirky relationship this show is based around. There’s nothing wrong with the main relationship but I just can’t see it being interesting for more than a couple of episodes (then again maybe that’s the point…)

Please give me a show about Kareema marrying Sofia for a green card, dealing with her own issues about marriage while her brother is still in love with Sofia. Keep the cast and push the main story to this side and give me a show about what Kareema does everyday.

Or just make the show more ensemble base, I know there are no more episodes ordered but there was so much potential in the show that it really missed a lot of success. But the CW does have a habit of reusing actors so fingers crossed that these guys move into a new show together..


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